Publication and master class in "Young Artist" 07.2009

Publication in the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets, 2.02.2009.

Publication in the newspaper "Arguments and Facts», № 51, 2008.

Filming in the transfer of "Indian happiness" on India TV, 2008.

Laureate exhibition ParaArtiada-2005 "at the Museum Foundation handicrafts.

Journal "Leisure & Entertainment», № 23, 2006.

Weekly "MK-Sunday, 24 June 2006.

The newspaper "Moscow Wednesday» № 21 2006.

"The Parliamentary Gazette, 19 June 2006.

Newspaper «Here & now», July, 2006.

Newspaper «Culture», № 23, 2006.

2004 and 2005. - Exhibition at the Museum Fund crafts coverage in all news programs of Moscow and Russian TV, and the publication of reviews of the journalist O. Boroday in «Deco», № 3,2005.  

1992. - Show solo exhibition at Peter's lines on the TV program "Time" with commentary by Svetlana Bestuzhev at the same time Indian TV news program.

1991. - Showing personal exhibition at the Leningrad TV program "The Fifth Wheel" and a news program on the Moscow Canal.

Color catalog-album "The First International Exhibition of Deaf Artists'  Works", 1992.

Weekly supplement to the newspaper "Izvestia" - "Soyuz», № 22, 29 May 1991.

Indian Newspaper «Ecnadu Orissa», 1914 febr.1991.

Magazine "In a single formation», № 5, article